Braun forehead thermometer is a non-touch infrared device which measures body temperature. It works like a satellite dish by concentrating infrared energy emitted from within the temporal arteries of your forehead onto a sensor. The sensor then uses an algorithm to convert this infrared energy into an accurate temperature reading, equivalent to that of an oral body temperature reading. Braun forehead thermometer has been clinically proven to be accurate within +/- 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit according to Braun.

The Braun forehead thermometer is however not accurate in some cases. For example when sweating or heat stress, then do not measure. Additionally, do not measure temperature immediately after a physical activity or if you have been outside in the cold. Also avoid measurement if you are just from eating or drinking. Therefore in any of this circumstances, wait at least 30 minutes as these factors may influence thermometer reading. Hat, hair or dirt on the forehead can as well influence reading.  Based on all these, it is therefore necessary to take an average of at least 2-3 readings.

A forehead thermometer reading of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees centigrade is considered to be fever.