Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy is a supplement to the Privacy Policy and is applicable to the various platforms of MEDICALLIB be it public or private.

MEDICALLIB reserves the right to update this policy, at any time and without notice, and will mention it on the sites concerned, in particular by updating the message of the banner or through its blog sidebar.

What is a Cookie and its utility?

When viewing the site, information about your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and some of your actions can be saved in text files called “Cookies”, and placed in your browser. These Cookies are mainly used, by the identification of your terminal, to optimize your use of the site (by customizing for example the displayed contents) and have a fixed duration of validity.

Only the issuer of the concerned Cookie has the ability to read or modify the information contained therein.

What are cookies and their purpose?

Cookies posted by our site have the sole purpose of:

  • enable users of MEDICALLIB, patients or healthcare professionals and institutions, to benefit from the services offered by the sites visited
  • customize the services offered, and optimize the user experience
  • analyze, in a global and completely anonymous way, the use of the site, with the aim of improving the services


MEDICALLIB does not deposit any cookie allowing the targeting advertising on its site.

Cookies called “Technical” (listed below) with the sole purpose of ensuring the operation of the site and provide you with the services requested are not subject to obtaining your consent. Other Cookies listed in this Policy will only be deposited on your device if you accept the terms of their use, by continuing your navigation on our site.

You can at any time choose to activate or deactivate these cookies, for free, (see below “How to disable cookies?”), Knowing that this may have the effect of reducing or preventing access to all or part of Services offered by the site. Thus, the cookies that may be placed on your terminal are the following:

Navigation cookies (Technical cookies)

These technical Cookies are strictly necessary to the functioning of the site, to the good execution of the services requested by the Net surfer, as well as to the conservation of your consent to the deposit of the other categories of Cookies.

Name of the cookie Function Duration
_session_id Randomly assigned ID, allowing you to temporarily save your choices from one page to another on the website session
_medicallib_sessions Identifies whether you are a connected user or not session
Auth_session Determines whether the user is authenticated session
cookie_consent Enables the registration and tracking of your consent to the deposit of cookies – the Cookie allows you to know that you have read the pop-in 13 months
temp_appointment_id Helps to track a reservation by a user during all stages of the reservation 13 months
anonymous_appointment_id Cookie filed as part of an anonymous journey after verifying the name 13 months

If these cookies are not subject to your consent, you can however object to their deposit or remove them from your device using the settings of your browser (see below “How to disable cookies?”). In doing so, you expose yourself to a severe degradation of the user experience.

Cookies user experience

MEDICALLIB uses Cookies to improve the user experience throughout its journey on our site, and to personalize the content. For example, the last_place Cookie allows MEDICALLIB to remember the location of the last search and not to ask the user to enter it for each search.

Name of the cookie Function Duration
last_place Allows the memorization of your last search by geographical area (at the municipal level) 1 day
ssid Session ID allowing the unique identification of your browser and its follow-up throughout the course on 13 months


Audience measurement cookies

MEDICALLIB uses Audience Measurement Cookies for purely statistical purposes, in particular to adapt the site to the demands and needs of users / visitors by, for example, learning the number of visits, pages viewed, and more generally, the activity of users / visitors on the site. All data processed is anonymized.

Name of the cookie Function Duration
_gat (Google Analytics) Limit the number of requests to the service and measure the audience EDIT
_gid (Google Analytics) Allows unique visitor identification and audience measurement EDIT
_ga (Google Analytics) Allows unique visitor identification and audience measurement EDIT
_mouseflow Conducts statistical studies and optimizes the user experience by tracking the cursor of the user during his visits to the site EDIT
_fbp Pixel tracking Facebook – makes it possible to measure audience EDIT


Cookies deposited by a third party on spaces of our site

Our site contains Cookies issued by third parties (performance measurement tool, audience measurement company, etc.) allowing them, during the validity period of their Cookies, to collect browsing information relating to users / visitors consulting our site.

At any time you can prevent the collection of information about you via these third-party cookies, by disabling them in the manner described below in this Policy (see below “How to disable cookies?”).

The issuance and use of Cookies by these companies are subject to their own terms of use.

Sharing the use of your device with others

If your device is used by more than one person and if the same device has more than one browser, we cannot be sure that the services for your device are appropriate for your own use of the device and not for that device from another user of this terminal.

Sharing with others about using your device and configuring your browser settings for Cookies is your free choice and responsibility.

How to disable Cookies?

You can configure your browser software so that Cookies are saved in your device or rejected, either systematically or according to their issuer.

Here are some examples of how to proceed with the configuration:

Contact Medicallib

If you have any questions or complaints regarding MEDICALLIB’s compliance with this Policy, or if you wish to make recommendations or comments to MEDICALLIB to improve the quality of this policy, you may contact MEDICALLIB in writing at the address:

  • MEDICALLIB; 38 Melle Street, Braamfontein, 2000.  or