Benefits you Get for Joining Medicallib

Medicallib is the best value for money and time any health professional could ever get. The platform is accessible anywhere 24/7 from any fixed or mobile station containing internet. No software installation is required and hence no updates necessary on your computer. Creating an account with Medicallib is free but adding a business comes with varying prices some of which are free. Check our packages here for more. In addition to all these Medicallib will help you increase traffic to your practice and to manage your online booking.

Below is just a tip of what you can expect to get with us:

All messages are encrypted, information exchange is protected by SSL protocol and data is fully backed-up.

  • 24/7 online booking from patients or customers.
  • Approve or Cancel an appointment straight from your dashboard. Approved appointments will show on your calendar.
  • You can cancel an appointment with a reason. No more accusation from patients that you canceled their appointments without any reason.
  • SMS and email notification when appointment is created, when appointment is canceled or approved.
  • SMS and Email reminder before appointment due date based on our choice.
  • Appointment statistics
  • Spend less time on phone taking patient calls and focus on running your business.

With the business page offered by Medicallib, there is no need for another website.

  • A lead form which patient can contact you and for you to generate leads.
  • The Box” feature which allows you to categorize messages needed. No need struggling to find where a message is even if it’s from thousands of customers or patients.
  • Business information such as business description, social media profiles, website, phone numbers, email, business hours, business features and much more
  • Add FAQs and extra fields according to your need
  • Upload PDFs for patients or customers to download or view online
  • Ratings and reviews: Customers and patients can rate and review your services or products on a multi-criteria base and not just in a vague manner. You can reply to a review directly.
  • Make announcements, deals, offers and discount directly to your business page from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Upload business logo, feature image
  • Business header and image gallery.

Delete patient data upon request in accordance with the personal data protection.
Useful resources for you and your patients and/or customers

Quality analytical dashboard

Enables you to manage your appointments, events, ads, invoices, collaborate with other colleagues, live chat and much more.

Showcase your know-how

An online Question and Answer Forum enables professionals demonstrate their skill. This can help draw significant traffic to your business page.

Gain an Online Presence and expand your customer base

Get access to thousands of patients or customers and increase traffic to your practice. You can place paid ads directly from your dashboard, post events on our event page or request Medicallib web services.

Post Articles

As a business owner on our site you can post articles directly to our blog. This is a great way to showcase your know how and to draw traffic to your practice. All articles you post will be reviewed by Medicallib and if approved and publish will carry your business details.

How to Claim your Business on Medicallib?

  1. Click on the “Add Listing” button on the menu
  2. Select your business plan
  3. Fill in all the compulsory or necessary details and then submit
  4. Medicallib will then verify and approve or reject your business
  5. If approved you will receive an email link for you to proceed and claim your business. Proceeding in this case will mean doing payments if the plan you selected requires payment. But if it was a free plan, then no payment will be needed.
  6. If rejected, you will also be notified with reasons. Some of which might just require some additional information from you.

What if your business has already been listed?

In some instance, you may see a business on Medicallib which is yours the details of which might have been entered by one of our agents. To claim such profiles, simply click on the claim now button on the business page and provide all necessary details to prove that the business is yours. You can then take it from step 5 as described above.

Click the button below to see how each individual features offered by Medicallib works and how they are used.