Tools and Features offered by Medicallib


The Lead Form

The Lead Form is a very useful tool which allows patients, customers or visitors to contact you directly. It also helps for marketing purposes in that you can use it to generate leads. One good thing about the lead form is that it keeps track of the total number of people who have ever contacted you through it. 

Once a user sends a message through the Lead Form it will show under the “Inbox” in your dashboard. You can directly reply to this message in your inbox. Replied messages will show in the user dashboard if he/she is registered. But if the user who sent the message is not registered but just a visitor, then the replied message will be sent to their email. Although this tool can be used to used for one on one discussion, we do not recommend it but rather encourage you to use the “Live Chat” tool for private one on one chat. 

Can I Create Custom Lead Forms?

Yes. You have full control to alter the lead form to suit your business need or requirements. There are all types of fields from simple text to advance range fields that can be created.
To create a new form, go under “Lead Form” in your dashboard. Once there create your form and make sure you assign it to a listing. You can always save and preview your changes. If you don’t like what you see then edit the form again until you are satisfied. 

The image below shows how the Lead Form looks like on the business owner’s page.

Lead Form



This feature is very similar to the Lead form described above. However it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.



  • It allows patients, customers or visitors to submit images and/or PDF files directly to healthcare professional’s dashboard.
  • Messages are submitted according to categories created by the business owner. Such categories will show in the front-end as subjects. Examples of such categories include quotation, applications, pre-consultation, etc.
  • On your dashboard, simply select a given category to see a message. If your don’t select a category, then messages from all categories will be displayed.
  • All messages are end to end encrypted and can be deleted
  • Unread and new messages are “Red” in color while message that have been read are blue in color.



  • It is not used for long term storage of user data
  • The form cannot be customized by the business owner
  • The business owner cannot reply to the sender directly


What can “The BOX” be used for?

  1. The Box may also be used by a consulting healthcare practitioner to refer patient’s information to a remote location for further advice or intervention.
  2. To order repeat prescriptions from a pharmacy
  3. For appointment cancellation or rescheduling
  4. To submit sick notes or referral letters
  5. And much more as the healthcare professional might deem fit.

Some fields and their meaning

Highlighted below are the meanings of some common categories which a business owner may create and which Medicallib recommends. The business owner have the responsibility to explain the meaning of any subject field or message category created and which is not listed here to their users.

  • Quotation: Used to request or send quotations
  • Application: Used to submit an application or request information about an application
  • Pre-consultation: It aims at helping patients not spend too much time during visit to a healthcare professional’s office. This can be achieved if you submit any supporting document after booking. In this way, the healthcare professional already has all necessary information and must have thought on how to assist you better and quicker upon your arrival.
  • Cancel Appointment: Used to cancel an appointment 24 hour before due date
  • Refer a Patient: A healthcare worker can use this to refer a patient to your facility without the need of a written note.
  • Others: For reasons other than those stipulated on the subject field.


 Booking System

This feature is enabled by the healthcare professional or business owner. If you do not see it on their business page, then it was not enabled.

How to Enable Appointment From your Dashboard?

Visit your dashboard –> Appointments –> Setup “Appointment Slot Duration” and “Select  Listing” that will be accepting appointment –> Save –> Check your business front page and there you will see that “Book an Appointment Now!” has been enabled. From there just sit back and relax. Customers are coming.

Appointment slot duration will make use of your closing and opening hours. Use longer slot duration to minimize appointments per day and use shorter time slots to maximize appointments per day. Another way to minimize booking per day is to create 2 different time slots for business hours.

Services and insurance options can be added from the appointment tab. Just head over to the appointment tab with your cursor without clicking it. The Insurance and service option will appear, select either and add your desired fields. If you clicked on the appointment tab already, there is still no problem, just hover it with your cursor and the fields will still appear for you to chose.

How to book an appointment and send reminders?

No need to call to book an appointment. Just head over to As a business owner, you can book on behalf of the patient or customer but just make sure you use their cell number so that they will receive notifications and/or reminders about their booking. 

  • Register or Login
  • Search for a GP, specialist, professional or service provider who accepts appointments online. Otherwise head over to your own practice. 
  • Create and confirm appointment



The following fields; First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, and Any Additional Comment are compulsory. All the other fields are optional but be sure to enter sufficient information when creating a booking so that your appointment will not be rejected.


  • Once an appointment is created, then an SMS and Email confirmation will be sent. 
  • The patient or customer will again be notified by SMS and Email a second time based on whether  appointment was APPROVED or CANCELED. Once appointment is about to be cancelled, a field will pop up for you to enter reason for cancellation.
  • If  appointment is cancelled, then patient or customer will receive an SMS and Email stating the reason for cancellation.
  • If  booking is approved then SMS and Email reminders  can be sent a third time before the due date depended on the choice of the healthcare professional. 
  • Email and SMS reminders can be sent a maximum of 2 times only.
  • To send SMS and Email reminders, scroll at the bottom of the appointment details. There you will see a blue button labeled “Send Reminder“. Click on it to send the first reminder. If necessary send a second reminder. After the second reminder is sent, the blue button will become red meaning you have reach your limit.
  • All approved appointments are shown on a calendar. Note that approved appointments that are already due will not show on the calendar. For example if today is Friday and a patient has an approved appointment for Monday, then the appointment will show on the calendar but after Monday it won’t show again.

Appointment cancellation or rescheduling

Patient can cancel or reschedule their appointment at any given time. You must however canceled at least 24 h before appointment due date. This helps other patients looking for an urgent appointment to take your slot. Failure to do so will mean doctor has the right to cancel any booking appointment you make the next time without notice. You must cancel an appointment before you can reschedule a new one. If you forgot your appointment due date due to one reason or the other, then contact your doctor at least within the next 24 hour so that you won’t be penalized the next time. Do not feel shy or bad about forgetting to attend an appointment. We are all humans after all.


How to Cancel an Appointment?

  • Use “The Box” feature on the right sidebar of your doctor or company’s page if enabled. Make sure you select “Cancel Appointment” as your subject and then fill in all necessary details.
  • You can also make use of your practice’s phone number or email address to cancel  and reschedule an appointment.


Multicriteria Review System

We provide several criteria for healthcare professionals to be rated because we believe everyone can be good at one thing more than another. In addition to these criteria, users also get the opportunity to write and explain themselves. The business owner can in turn reply to reviews. This allows the Medicallib community to know exactly why a business gets the ratings they are getting. This in turn helps the community to make a better informed decision when searching healthcare professionals based on ratings. Criteria used involve:

  • Personal Experience
  • Procedure or Process and Outcome
  • Overall Quality
  • Will you recommend?
  • Price
  • Does this review involves any personal or past experience?

Important Notice about Reviews

A business owner cannot delete a review posted on his/her business page.

Medicallib however has the right to revoke a review if it was based on pure bias or personal motive. If a healthcare professional feels or think a review was based on such criteria, then they will have to get in touch with us, we will then investigate with the party involve and decide on what to do based on our own discretion. A “Why did we do this Section” will be made available to make sure the entire community is aware of why certain decisions were taken regarding some users, in this way users may not accuse Medicallib for taking down their review indiscriminately or for selfish motives.

Only patients who have viewed or contacted a healthcare professional through our site have the right or are encouraged to write a review. You can however review based on a past experience provided there is sufficient evidence that you contacted the practitioner without which Medicallib reserves the right to take down your review.


Live Chat


  • It is completely free and facilitates communication between members of the Medicallib community.
  • Provides several “Chat Rooms” for collaboration between healthcare professionals and for “Healthcare Stories”.
  • Live Chat feature is not meant to access a doctor’s expertise in any way. However a healthcare professional may use it to provide informed decision to a patient about their health.


Question and Answer Forum

A question and answer forum which enables member of the Medicallib community to interact with one another. The more a healthcare professional answers a question correctly, the greater the probability that he/she will attract more traffic to their practice. Patients can also use this forum to ask questions to patient like themselves. All these help members to take informed decisions about their health. This forum is not meant to provide diagnosis or treatment and any user consuming information therein should do so at their own risk. However if not sure then contact your doctor.