Men may appear strong but many suffer from pain, discomfort, sleepiness and mood swing after ejaculation. While problems after ejaculation are mostly a consequence of being a man, others are a disease. However, most of these issues can be controlled or treated and as such you should not stay silent about them. If you do then you run the risk of tempering with your health and relationship. Talk to your partner and make sure she’s aware and see a qualified medical professional for recommendations and prescription if necessary.

Here are the problems a man may experience after ejaculation:

Change in blood pressure

Changes in blood pressure may cause a sudden headache during and after sex. This pain is usually felt above the neck or at the back of the skull. It is usually referred to as Coital headache, Cephalalgia or Orgasmic migraine.

What to do? Mostly, headache after sex is not a call for concern. But see a doctor if the situation feels abnormal or unusual and persist for more than 24 hours. This may be an indication of something more serious going on within your blood vessels.

Loss of sex drive

Men losing their sex drive or falling asleep immediately after ejaculation is a frustrating experience for many women. For these women, the man is selfish and does not care about her own pleasure. But this is absolutely not the man’s fault. It is a physical and emotional limit of being a man.

How exactly do men loss their sex drive?

Ejaculation is accompanied by the releases of a cocktail of brain chemicals which include serotonin, norepinephrine, vasopressin, oxytocin, prolactin and nitric oxide. These chemicals cause the man to power down quickly and to enter into a recovery phase. In this phase, it is impossible for the man to get another orgasm.
One of these chemicals called prolactin suppresses the hormone dopamine which plays a role in desire and motivation. The release of prolactin therefore creates a feeling of sexual satisfaction and a desire to sleep.
Two other hormones called vasopressin and oxytoxin   reduces stress and cause relaxation in men. All these create a state of de-arousal and temporally shut down the man making him just wanting to sleep and forget all his problems.

What to do? This is not much of a concern from the man’s side since he has gotten what he wanted but the woman can be mad and disappointed. However, as a woman, try to attain orgasm before the man does. But pleasure is not something that we can always control. The man can reach orgasm before you. This you have to accept and respect it. However if the man attain organism before you, there are 3 things you can do. First you can just masturbate yourself to orgasm. Alternatively, you can do some foreplay to keep him awake while he snaps out of his recovery phase. Thirdly, he can make you reach orgasm by means other than penetration such as through licking or fingering.


Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)

POIS is a disorder in men which causes a series of symptoms immediately after ejaculation or at some later point in time. Symptoms include flu-like sensation, headache, pain, fatigue, difficulties to concentrate, irritability or depression. These symptoms occur after ejaculation whether through masturbation, with a partner or spontaneous at night. POIS is a rather rare condition and its underlying cause is not well understood. Most recent studies however postulate POIS to be due to an autoimmune or allergic reaction to substances in a man’s own semen.

What to do? See a doctor

Sadness after sex

It is caused by a condition called post-coital tristesse or post-coital dysphoria (PCD). PCD is a feeling of sadness, emptiness or anxiety after sex. It can affect anyone regardless how good of a sex you just had. Symptoms can last from a few minutes to several hours and the cause is not well understood.

What to do? Medically, there is not much that can be done. But it can be good to talk about it with your partner, review past sexual experience or see a sex therapist.


The prostate gland or the male g spot is a walnut-sized gland which provides about 30 % of the fluid that makes up semen. Prostatitis is a swelling or inflammation of the prostate gland which may be caused by an injury, infection, or immune disorder. When symptoms last for more than 3 months, the condition is termed chronic prostatitis.
In addition to pelvic and abdominal or stomach pain, it can also cause pain during and after ejaculation.

What to do? See a doctor for diagnosis and prescription

The foreskin

 A condition called Phimosis causes the foreskin to be very tight. This results to pain during erection, intercourse or after sex. A tear in your foreskin can also cause pain during and after sex.

What to do? Pain can be alleviated using condoms and lubricant. If you have a tear then talk to a doctor.

Allergic Reaction

The use of latex condoms can sometimes cause allergic reactions to the penis during and after ejaculation. Another form of allergy that can occur after ejaculation is semen allergy. This can happen 10 to 30 minutes after being in contact with your own semen. Symptoms include redness, burning, itching or swelling on any part of the skin that has come into contact with semen. Semen allergy may be caused by proteins in the man’s own semen or by medications and food allergens which find their way into semen.

What to do? For condoms, use non-latex alternatives. If you find out that you are allergic to your own semen, then consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner for treatment prescription.


Interstitial cystitis

 It is a chronic bladder condition which causes pressure and pain on the bladder. It may sometimes create an urge to urinate. Other symptoms include pelvic pain which intensifies during and after sex.

What to do? See a doctor.

Prolong and vigorous sex

 This causes your muscles and abdomen to be under strain resulting to abdominal and muscle pain after sex or ejacualtion. 

What to do? Take it slowly but in style. The battle is not for the swift. Alternative, more foreplay and less sex can do the trick.

Lack of lubrication during intercourse

 Lack of lubrication during sex can cause both you and your partner to develop painful sore after sex. 

What to do? If you realize that your partner is dry or gets dry easily, then make use of lubricants. Use sufficient lubricant as necessary to make sex comfortable for both of you. If lubricants don’t work out for you, then see a doctor for prescription.