The development of cancer is a very slow process that happens over time and it can get you when you least expect it and unfortunately there is no single thing that causes cancer. It can be a combination of several factors. So taking precautions at all time is very essential and because cancer is a slow process, it might not meet you in your life time if you following this preventive methods. The factors listed below will cause cancer by triggering a spontaneous mutation in genes responsible for maintain balance between cell growth and cell death.

  1. Infectious agents such as the human papillomavirus, Helicobacter pilori, hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus etc. Therefore effective vaccination, safe sex, regular check-ups and hygiene are important if you want to avoid cancer. Talk to your doctor about vaccines that will help prevent cancer. 
  2. Exposure to chemicals: Exposure here could be internal based on what you eat, drink or or smoke or external based on what you physically come into contact with. Common examples here include genetically modified food, smoking, drinking and eating junk food. Note that most of these common examples cited contain ingredients that are not natural and anything that is not natural to your body is a potential candidate for sponsoring cancer. Always eat natural (fruits, vegetables and whole grains), cook your own food, drink alcohol moderately and no cigarette at all. Besides, always wear breathing mask, put on safety goggles and wash hands when dealing with chemicals in order to minimize exposure. This applies to workers dealing with chemicals. Certain medications have also been reported to cause cancer. My best advice at this point is that avoid taking medications for every little headache and fever and avoid taking injections that makes you look like this or like that. Let your body heals himself except it’s beyond your control.
  3. Exposure to radiation such as X-ray and UV. Therefore always protect your skin with proper clothing, staying in shades and use sunscreen.
  4. Diseases such as autoimmunity, ulcerative colitis, gastritis etc. can also cause cancer. So talk to a doctor about your disease especially when it is a chronic disease. A chronic disease is any diseases you are forced to live with such as diabetes or a disease that is long lasting. 
  5. Endogenous or Internal Factors: These include:
  • Errors in replication: Your body also makes mistakes
  • Genetically inherited diseases
  • Your genetic composition or makeup: Therefore factors such as family history, age, gender and skin type will also play a role. In fact cancer has been shown to be more prevalent in older people.

Most of these internal factors can be put under control with regular exercise, proper nutrtion and a healthy diet while keeping a healthy weight by avoiding underweight or overweight. Notwithstanding remember to always do regular checkup, go for cancer screening tests or genetic counseling. This will allow for cancer to be detected early enough and hence results to better treatment outcome.