The male g spot also called the prostate or P-spot exists and can provide pleasure owing to a collection of nerves around it. The prostate can provide sexual excitement so pleasurable that it has been termed the male g spot.

What is the prostate and how to find it?


The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located inside the body between the base of the penis and the entrance to the anus (rectum). It is underneath the bladder and envelops the urethra. The prostate is involved in reproduction and provides about 30 % of the fluid that makes up the semen. Fluid secreted also helps to keep the sperm alive for a much longer period after ejaculation from the penis. Furthermore, the muscles of the prostate help to propel the semen during ejaculation. It is therefore very important for male fertility.  

Beside the prostate can also be used to achieve an organism a truth many are not aware of.

To locate the prostate or male g spot, apply a lubricant to a clean finger. Insert the lubricated finger gently into the anus. About 2 inches inside the anus is enough and make sure the finger is pointing towards the belly or naval. Sense around and feel the prostate. It is a rounded bulb tissue just like the tip of your nose.


How to get an organism with the male g prostate

orgasm with the prostate

Just like the clitoris, the prostate contains lots of nerve endings that can be stimulated to provide sexual pleasure.

But for you to achieve this, there are some preliminary steps you will need to take. First start make sure you have enough lube as the anus or prostate does not self-lubricate. Secondly, make sure your butt is clean. Use alcohol-free wipes or take a proper shower. Lastly, keep your hands clean and fingernails short in order to avoid any spread of infection or injury.

Now, start by gently massaging your perineum (the space between your anus and testicles) using either your finger or your hand. Next massage the outside of the anus as well but this time around using a clean lubricated finger. When you are comfortable with this process, gently inserted the lubricated finger inside your anus until you feel the prostate. Once your finger has located the prostate, make small movements around it and apply different amounts of pressure until you find the best sensation for yourself.

Unlike an organism from the penis which is mostly localized, prostate organism is a full-body organism with a tingly sensation. Secondly prostate organism can be achieved without stimulating the penis.

Achieving prostate orgasm takes practice especially if it’s your first time. If you cannot achieve it by yourself, you can always go for a prostate massage and have a feel of what this is all about. 

Useful tips and hints for male g spot stimulation

It is not always easy to get it right the first time and while it can be very easy for some people, others might just never get it right. But here are some tips and hints to keep behind your mind.

  • Use enough lubricant. Don’t be stingy with it.
  • You will sometimes see a milky kind of fluid during prostate stimulation. Don’t panic. It’s perfectly normal. In fact, at this point, you have to keep going as the organism is on the way.
  • While stimulating the prostate, gently massage the scrotum or perineum simultaneously.
  • You can also stroke the penis or massage the head cap with a lubricated finger while stimulating the prostate or g spot.
  • Try more foreplay and experiment with different sex positions.
  • Make sure you are 100 % comfortable. Get a thorough shower and discuss with your partner if you want to do it with them or in their presence.
  • Experiment and live to try another day until you get it right.

Keeping the prostate healthy

The prostate can be affected by many things. This can result to diseases such as prostate cancer and in this case, there might be need to completely remove your prostate through surgery. This can severely impact on your sexual pleasure as a whole or can cause you never to enjoy prostate organism anymore. It is therefore important that you take good care of your prostate as follows:

  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Eat less red meat and eat more fish
  • Eat more vegetables and plant based meals