Having sex with a partner is so enjoyable. However, it is not unusual for many women to experience stomach pain or cramps after sex. Here are 15 major reasons why a woman’s stomach hurts after sex:

1. Deep penetration

 Some sex positions such as the doggy, reverse cow girl and missionary style could lead to deep penetration. At such depth, the penis will be able to touch the cervix. Because of this any problem associated with the cervix or uterus such as an infection, a scar or fibroid will cause pain during and after sex.

2. Attaining orgasm

 For many women, reaching orgasm is a must but this can cause uterine contraction resulting to pain after sex. According to this study, low-dose birth control pills can also trigger pain during and after orgasm.

3. Endometriosis 

It is a condition whereby tissues that are supposed to line the uterus from the inside instead start to grow but outside. This overgrowth tissue can extend to the fallopian tube, ovaries and even beyond the pelvis. This causes pain in the stomach and pelvis which intensifies during and after sex.

4. Uterine reaction to sperm

 Sperm is an irritant to the uterus. This may sometimes trigger uterine contraction causing pain after sex.

5. Infectious diseases

 Bacterial infection affecting the urinary track, the vagina or sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can spread throughout your reproductive system. This causes vaginal and pelvic pain which worsen with sex.

6. A scar or past inflammatory disease

A previous pelvic inflammatory disease which is caused bacteria may leave scaring tissues to the pelvis. These scaring tissues will trigger pain during sex when hit. Scaring from an injury, surgery or infections can also cause organs to become attached to one another in an abnormal way. For example your intestine can become attached to the top of your vagina or to the uterus through scarring tissues. Pelvic tissues can also become attached to other organs through such scarring tissues. Such scarring tissues and attached organs will be hit during sex and can be very painful.

7. Vaginal dryness

 While the vagina for many women is sufficiently lubricated to allow for sexual penetration, others experience vagina dryness. Vagina dryness can be caused by stress, depression, child birth, breast feeding, use of contraceptives and menopause. This can cause pain during and after sex for you and your partner since both of you can become sore.

8. Fibroid

 This is an abnormal growth in or around the uterus. This benign or non-cancerous growth is usually observed for women in their child bearing age and may become quite large. It causes severe abdominal pain or cramping after sex. It is also one of the reasons why some periods are worse than others.   

9. Presence of an ovarian or pelvic cyst

 An ovarian cyst is a solid or fluid-filled pocket in or on the surface of the ovary. Ovarian cysts are linked to the menstrual cycle and very common in women. It usually disappears after some few months but can result to pain during and after sex or abnormalities during menstrual cycle.

10. Tilted uterus

 20 to 30 % of women have a tilted uterus. This may be caused by scarring tissues adhering the uterus to other organs, aging, pregnancy or other conditions such as fibroid and endometriosis. This can cause pain during and after sex especially with some sex positions.

11. Stress and anxiety

 Stress and anxiety may cause pelvic and abdominal muscles to become tensed or can trigger gastrointestinal distress.

12. Trapped gas

 Sexual penetration can cause air to become trapped in the vagina or anus. Such gas-related pain will be felt in the upper abdomen or chest but will easily subside once the gas is expelled.

13. Interstitial cystitis

 It is a chronic bladder syndrome which causes pain in the pelvic and bladder area. It also causes pressure on the bladder and provokes a constant urge to urinate. The pain associate with this disease intensifies during and after sex.

14. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

 IBS is a disorder of the large intestine which causes a series of symptoms including abdominal cramps or pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation. These symptoms can provoke or intensify abdominal pain during and after sex.

15. Blockage of the fallopian tubes

 The fallopian tube is responsible for transporting egg from the ovaries to the uterus so that it can be fertilized by the egg. However this tube can become blocked by fluid or tissues causing mild pain on the side of your abdomen.

Do men also experience stomach pain after sex?

Yes men also experience pain after sex. In addition to infectious diseases, stress, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis, and orgasm which is also observed in women, men can also experience stomach pain during and after sex due to the following:

  1. Prolong and vigorous sex: Having prolong and vigorous sex can strain your muscles and abdomen. Some sex positions can even make this worst. Such strain will provoke abdominal pain during and after sex.
  2. Prostatitis: It a swelling or inflammation of the prostate gland which may be caused by an injury, infection, or immune disorder. In addition to pelvic and abdominal pain, it can also cause pain during and after ejaculation

How to reduce stomach pain after sex?

Most abdominal pain experienced after sex can easily be alleviated with some at home remedies. 
Here is what you need to do to reduce stomach pain after sex:

  • For vagina dryness use some extra lubricants. Use as much as is necessary in order for you to feel comfortable. Lubricants can easily be obtained in pharmacies and supermarkets. If lubricants don’t work for you then consult with a doctor for alternative prescription.
  • Sperm related contraction of the uterus can be dealt with by taking a shower immediately after sex. Showering after sex also prevents irritation from infectious agents which may enter the urethra during intercourse. Besides a shower will also help to prevent further infections such as vaginosis.
  • Pain associate with deep penetration will generally go on its own after sex. But if you find out that a given sex position affects you, then experiment with other sex positions. Chose a position where you have more control and can easily control the depth and frequency of penetration. Also you should avoid putting pressure on the cervix.
  • Rough sex doesn’t favor some people, if you are one of those then take it slowly. Talk to your partner about it. You may try intracrucial sex whereby you rub your penis against your partner’s vagina using sufficient lubricant. This creates an enjoyable sensation even without penetration.
  • Make use of over the counter pain killer medications at least 30 minutes before sex. This will reduce cramps and pain during and after sex. Making use of heating pads can also reduce uterine cramps.

When to see a doctor for stomach pain experienced after sex?

While in most cases you can manage pain after sex at home together with your partner, there are times when the situation gets out of your control. If this is the case, then visit a GP or gynecologist.

Visit a doctor especially if the pain is constant or severe and comes with bleeding or fever. You might then be required to take some test such as ultrasound, laparoscopy or a minor surgery in order to diagnose the exact conditions.

For infection related conditions you will be prescribed antibiotics and/or pain killers.